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Ken Block Fiesta: Official Video & Pics

Posted on 25. Jan, 2010 by .


The cat is out of the bag! Video and photos of Ken Block’s Monster Energy Ford Fiesta rally car in all its dripping glory.

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VIDEO: Easyrider’s Rabbit Hill Snow Adventure

Posted on 15. Apr, 2008 by .


Most rally fans have seen Ken Block’s Snow Park segment, and thought to themselves how they would love a chance to drive flat out around a ski hill.  Warren Currie from Easyrider Racing had the same thought, but also knew he might have the connections to make it happen. Soon enough, with the growl of […]

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Targa: Leg 3 Wrap Up

Posted on 13. Sep, 2007 by .


Now midway through the week, the teams seem to be getting comfortable and settling into the rhythm of the Newfoundland roads. One of the final cars in the field reported seeing no warning triangles today – a good sign after the brutal attrition of the opening two days.

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Spy Shots: New Car for Patrick Richard

Posted on 06. Sep, 2007 by .


We stopped in at Rocket Rally today and spotted a new 06/07 style Impreza in the works for shop owner and multi-time Rally America and Canadian Champion, Pat Richard. It will be great to see him return to the stages. The car Pat campaigned for the last few years has been bought by Canadian 2WD […]

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L.A. or bust – A cross-country dash to X Games

Posted on 10. Aug, 2007 by .


Words: Alan OckwellPhotos: Andrew Harvey It started, like most adventures, with a phone call. In the week following the New England Forest Rally, and the subsequent announcement that Boris Said and Pat Moro would round out the field of qualifiers, Otis Dimiters and I learn that we are the first alternate for the rally car […]

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