Launch Control Goes Inside Rallying

Posted on 04. Apr, 2013 by in Rally News

Launch Control Logo Rallying in Canada is a community knit together with spirit and enthusiasm, even if the individuals involved are geographically stretched out across the country. This often means that the folks that we report on inhabit a strange realm somewhere between subject and confidant. Equally, those behind the keyboard and the lens are sometimes more than just media. While most often, my involvement with rally has been with a notepad – and more recently a voice recorder in hand – I've marshalled, driven a course car, served as a HAM radio control, wrenched as crew and co-driven (with class winner trophies in both rallies I've donned a racing suit – a perfect record). Once, someone was even foolish enough to let me drive their rally car at a test day. It was terrifying. For both of us. It would be easy for someone to say that such intertwining of roles could impact impartiality, and so the best of us have worked hard to try to maintain a professional, unbiased outlook on those whose actions we report on. I also happen to believe that being so involved has opened up the sport of rallying so much more. A church and state separation would mean that I might not understand the nuances of working as a marshal at a spectator spot, had I not done that in a swampy spot at the side of the road with Alan Ockwell. I've helped make notes, have tried to pull fellow competitors out of ditches, and I've replaced a VW half shaft on a cold, quiet night in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. It has all helped contribute to what I do professionally, and is part of why I am so excited for the release of Launch Control, a web series that follows the efforts of the Subaru Rally Team USA through the 2013 Rally America and Global Rally Cross seasons. Created and produced by Formula Photographic, the series gets inside the sport of rallying to showcase the inner workings of one team over the course of a year. I'll get it out there – I am friends with the folks who are making this series. But, chances are you are friends with them as well, as they're not just filmmakers, but rallyists too. All of us here at FOC have used the experience of creating media and innovative coverage in Canadian rallying to help build our careers, and while we aren't as closely involved as we'd like with the Canadian Rally Championship in 2013, we'll always be loyal where we got our start. I've been lucky enough to see the first few episodes of the series, and am confident in saying that the show is built not just on exceptional cinematography and story telling, but on the perspective gained through actually living and breathing rally. We're all richer for that. Watch for the first episode in mid-April.

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