Crazy Leo Turns One Million

Posted on 30. Apr, 2012 by in Rally News

Watching Crazy Leo Urlichich pull into service at the 2012 Rally Perce Neige, it was immediately obvious he and co-driver Carl Williamson had a story. The back of their Subaru STI, dubbed “The Beast,” was heavily damaged, or at least is appeared to be, the hood and wing and rear bumper smashed. However, all of the most important parts were relatively untouched. The crash that caused the damage was soon visible on youtube, thanks to a fan who had been filming at the corner. But it was an edited video that Crazy Leo had done, including the in car and official footage from the event that has spread across the internet, well beyond the typical rally community. The video now has over one million hits, achieved in under the first two weeks of having been posted. We caught up with Crazy Leo to get his take on the success of his latest video. “So far we've done recaps from events,” said Leo, of the videos he's released so far. “But we haven't shot a proper video yet.” American Rally driver Ken Block has built the archetype when it comes to online video success, both in and outside rally, and of course there's a big difference between Leo's crash video and Ken's Gymkhana videos. “Of course we didn't plan to crash,” said Leo. “We hadn't yet had an awesome idea, and we don't want to just copy Ken Block. There's a huge difference between doing something for rally fans, and doing something for a bigger audience.” With the recap videos, Leo has had a good reception in the rally community, and is thrilled at all the comments and interaction he gets. He and Williamson have discussed how they might be able to make a broader impression, but without crashing. “We've discussed how to shoot something cool. We've even scripted stuff,” said Leo, who let fans know he's got a new car in the works this year, a newer style STI sedan, to be debuted sometime this fall. While fans wait to see more of Crazy Leo in Canada, they can check out his next recap video, for the 100 Acre Wood Rally, which will release this Wednesday, May 2, 2012, or get out to the Oregon Trail Rally this coming weekend. And of course, if you haven't seen it yet, here's the video.

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