CRC TV: Rally of the Tall Pines 2011

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Television coverage of the Rally of the Tall Pines, the sixth and final round of the 2011 Canadian Rally Championship. Hosted by, courtesy of TV2GO and CARS.

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8 Responses to “CRC TV: Rally of the Tall Pines 2011”

  1. Paul

    31. Dec, 2011

    Excellent. I think this is the best I have ever seen from all the TV2GO – a lot of driving, few well placed interviews and no sport clichés to speak of. Congratulations, great job.

  2. Richard Guse

    01. Jan, 2012

    Just like the 2011 Rally of the Tall Pines this is the best coverage to date. TV2GO really told the story and has the spirit of the event!

  3. CrazyLeo

    04. Jan, 2012

    Indeed a great show with diagrammatic moments well played! WRC coverage could learn something from this!

  4. Martin

    06. Jan, 2012

    Best coverage yet, hands down. This race was fantastic and it is so awesome to see Leo on the top of the podium!

  5. chris

    15. Jan, 2012

    LOVE IT!

  6. Eduardo

    09. Mar, 2012

    I’m a Tall Pines Rally fan but I do have to admite that this rally needs urgently a “Super Stage” at the beguining of the rally and during day time. The two stages at night at autocross track are a non sense stages very poor visibility for the spectators and the result of it is the number of spectators at the second pass there. less then 1/3. Iron Bridge stage in two directions will be a plus like in the early editions of the rally. Castle Dyne deeply missed ;(. I will be there again this year hopping for even better !

  7. dugm

    07. Jul, 2012

    Way back when, I bought my rally car – an 82 Honda Civic from Chris Castledine. Chris is the one who apparently rolled his Honda on the downhill right curve leading into the left corner and htis is why the corner got the name. This was when Chris was driving for Team Honda. I bought his own private rally car. It was real fun, back then. dugm

  8. Alex

    20. Nov, 2012

    Last year was great , love sitting in the middle of the forest , nothing but the sound of the rally cars coming towards you and then they appear and fly by ! Its an awesome rush ! Can’t wait to get to our spot again this year.

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