Record entry for the Rally of the Tall Pines

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Never in its 41 year history has the Rally of the Tall Pines had such an incredible entry list. With 59 cars lined up to start tomorrow, fans can expect the kind of competition seen only rarely in North American rally. While there are all of the usual suspects, there are plenty of other names who have every possibility of mixing things up here in Bancroft, Ontario, for the final round of the 2011 Canadian Rally Championship. At the front of the pack, constant rivals Pat Richard and Antoine L'Estage are expected to battle tooth and nail. Championships are mostly finalized this year, with L'Estage taking the Driver's Title, and Mitsubishi likely to take the Manufacturer's Title, so both teams are free to go flat out without concern for strategy. However, both will be facing off against the formidable talent of David Higgins and the Subaru Rally Team USA. Higgins earned the 2011 Rally America title against L'Estage, who won't want to let Higgins win at what L'Estage will consider a home event. Leo Urlichich will lead a field of drivers ready to battle for the podium, including 2005 Canadian Rally Champion Peter Thomson, series regular Bruno Carre, and up-and-coming star, Max Riddle. Thing will be just as interesting in two wheel drive. Simon Dube and Peter Kocandrle have had impressive battles in the past, but this time, will also have to contend with American Wyatt Knox, 2011 Rally America 2wd champion, and Dillon Van Way, 2009 Rally America 2wd champion. Both will be piloting Ford Fiestas. Also in a Fiesta is Thierry Menegoz, who has always been a contender, even if not a series regular. And of course, 2011 Canadian Rally Championship 2wd title holders, the Zedrils, will be ready to show the skill that has made them perennial winners. Local fans will also be keen to see how the Ontario Performance Rally Championship works out. Four teams - Nick Narini, Nick Matthew, Chris Martin and Warren Haywood - are in a winner take all battle for the provincial title. Rally fans watching from home will be able to live stream three shows during the day. TV2Go is presenting the coverage, and has brought out a large crew, two satellite trucks and live commentators to help bring rally direct to the web. You can watch the coverage at starting at 9am ET. Temperatures are higher than usual, making the roads muddy with melting snow and ice in shaded sections. A forecast high of +11C for tomorrow will see that trend continue, but slippery mud will ensure that the technical roads and conditions that define Tall Pines will be in full effect. Check back tomorrow for coverage of the 2011 Rally of the Tall Pines.

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8 Responses to “Record entry for the Rally of the Tall Pines”

  1. dino

    26. Nov, 2011 – All Subaru , All The Time.

  2. WP

    26. Nov, 2011

    Dino. All critical, all the time? Explain to me how that post was “all Subaru”?

  3. WP

    26. Nov, 2011

    Maybe I’ll further explain for you too why Subaru gets so much coverage in Canadian rally…

    – a large % of competitors run Subarus. Simple math. One or two of them happen to be championship contenders too.

    – subaru’s sponsorship (along with Yokohama) pretty much sustains the CRC championship, pays for TV, contingencies, CARS operations, etc. They deserve the coverage they get. If Mitsu, vw, ford et al want to help support Canadian rally then I’m sure their profile within the sport will increase too. We don’t consciously promote Subaru here…it just happens.

    – We run FOC as volunteers. We can afford to attend the rallies because, in one way or another, we are also selling photos, working for TV, or providing pr services. Guess who has the budget to pay for these things? Hint: not Mitsubishi.

    We’re not slaves to Subaru or intentionally make FOC Subaru-centric (and I don’t believe it is) but I also won’t apologize if we do cover a lot of Subaru stuff. Welcome to rally in Canada.

  4. Gideon

    26. Nov, 2011

    Hi, Love what you are doing for us Canadian Rally fans with the live streaming today, however thought you should know the interlaced video doesn’t display well at all on the the computer when you have a panning shot, which is most of rally. Thanks for the hard work though and I hope you are able to do this next season with better video.

  5. Dennis

    26. Nov, 2011

    Also the video and audio is off by about 5 seconds. Video is way to far ahead of the Audio, which is usually the other way around.

    Good Coverage.


  6. steve@rocket

    26. Nov, 2011

    Keep up the streaming guys!! So good to watch from home.

  7. Christopher

    26. Nov, 2011

    WP: Well put!

  8. ivan

    09. Dec, 2011

    HI you guys was 59 cars in tall pines thes year but the only pictures i see is 10 were the other cars like grup 2 like those cars i hope next year only these 10 cars make to the tall pines

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