CRC TV: Pacific Forest Rally 2011

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Television coverage of Round 5 of the 2011 Canadian Rally Championship, the Pacific Forest Rally. Hosted by, courtesy TV2GO and CARS.

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8 Responses to “CRC TV: Pacific Forest Rally 2011”

  1. Christopher Bowes

    07. Nov, 2011

    Strongest show of the year by far! Great job by TV2GO and its team!

  2. Trish

    07. Nov, 2011

    Amazing footage! Great job TV2GO…Thanks so much letting us witness the rally journey

  3. chris

    07. Nov, 2011

    Love the CRC keep the shows Coming…

  4. Larry

    08. Nov, 2011

    Great Video! We need to promote rally more in BC!!!

  5. Justin baker

    10. Nov, 2011

    Love the footage especially of Max Riddle and Aaron Neumann amazing team!

  6. Martin

    13. Nov, 2011

    Good crane work for those HD shots, and the new music is appreciated after the commercial breaks. This series is fantastic with the quality of the production and the positive attitudes with racing and good competition… Please keep the coming!

  7. Gideon

    14. Nov, 2011

    Great job, good production value, Thanks for doing this. Rally is drastically under represented in Canada.

  8. Ripplin

    26. Nov, 2011

    Watched this on TSN not too long ago. Overall, in my 16 years of watching televised rallies, this was some of the most beautiful footage I’ve ever seen! Amazing crane shots, “fly-bys,” etc… You should be proud of what you’re doing!

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