Richard leads Baie despite problems

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Pat Richard and Leanne Junnila have taken the lead after a drama filled first day at the 2011 Rallye Baie Des Chaleurs. The team had no shortage of issues that put them well down from the lead, but thanks to the problems suffered by other teams, Richard and Junnila lead the rally by nine seconds heading into Saturday. “We had engine problems in the first three stages, which cost us about a minute,” said Richard. “Then after service, we hit a kick that put the car on it's nose. We lost the lower light pods, and blew the breaker in the rest of the lights, so we had to drive with no lights. Then on the last stage, we had a pretty big moment. We haven't been having a clean rally, but neither has anyone else.” Richard's main rival, Antoine L'Estage and Nathalie Richard, had problems with their rear differential on the final stage of the day, and losing their entire lead. “We're lucky to make it to service,” said L'Estage at the end of the day. In third place are Bruno Carre and Yvan Joyal, who had been battling with Swap Shop teammates Craig Henderson and Lynn Murphy. Henderson retired from the event in the evening after mechanical problems sidelined the car. Ugo Desgreniers also had problems, specifically at the same corner where Richard rolled last year. “Yes, this is the only part of my car that isn't smashed,” said Desgrenier, holding up a wing mirror, turning it over to reveal the glass was shattered. “No, this is broken too. We even had an instruction in our notes that said 'don't do what Pat did.' It didn't work.” Thanks to the retirements, Leo Urlichich and Martin Brady moved up into fourth place. The two had problems of their own, with a flat tire and a blown turbo hose costing minutes earlier in the day. Max Riddle and Aaron Neumann round out the top five at the end of the first day, about 14 seconds back of Leo. Patrick Cyr and Jerry Plourde are leading two wheel drive after Simon Dube suffered two flat tires in the first three stages. Tomorrow, the teams head out for nearly 170 competitive kilometres spread over eight stages. Though roads were wet and slippery today, the clouds cleared just before sunset today, and wind and sun are both forecast for tomorrow, potentially drying the roads and making dust an issue on the long stages at the end of the day, finishing at the famous Baie jump.

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  1. Krzysztof

    01. Jul, 2011

    Congrat’ to Pat and Leanne! Hoping they’ll keep the leading tomorrow. It’s going to be intense!

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