VIDEO: Rallycross RAW – Saturday Sights & Sounds

Posted on 29. Aug, 2010 by in Event Coverage, RA 2010, Rally America

Sights and sounds of the Subaru Rally Team USA in action during Saturday action at Round 1 of the US Rallycross #1.

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7 Responses to “VIDEO: Rallycross RAW – Saturday Sights & Sounds”

  1. Real Rally Fan

    31. Aug, 2010

    “Sights and sounds of the Subaru Rally Team USA ”
    love how this site associates “rally” with all things Subaru, odd I think I saw Ford’s and Mitsubishi’s as well. no sense covering other manufacturer’s/drivers I guess.
    Is Red Bull paying for your hosting??

  2. Warwick

    31. Aug, 2010

    Hey “Real Rally Fan”… Since neither you or anyone else is paying for our hosting (or paying us at all to run this site), we all have clients we work for in the rally community. It’s how we get to the events and earn a living. This video is something that was put together for Subaru and I thought I would post it here too for people to see. You get what you pay for I guess.

  3. Christopher

    02. Sep, 2010

    Couldn’t have said it better myself Warwick!

  4. Chuck

    02. Sep, 2010

    are Subaru’s even competitive any more in the top level of the sport?

  5. Kerry

    08. Sep, 2010

    Thanks for the vid. Great to see rallycross making its way over here to North America. Hey Warwick, did you make some MTB vids in your past life?

  6. Warwick

    08. Sep, 2010

    Sure did! RISE, The Circus, etc.


    12. Oct, 2010

    P.S. —

    I <3 this site!

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