Video: Monster Fiesta Close-up

Posted on 28. Jan, 2010 by in Event Coverage, RA 2010, Rally America, Sno*Drift 2010

Bill Wood shot some video at Sno*Drift scrutineering today of Ken Block's Fiesta. Check out that interior! We promise to unhitch the Ken Block wagon, but until action kicks off tomorrow, it's all we've got! Bright and early tomorrow, some teams will take advantage of a practice stage to fine tune their ice setup, and then the 2010 championship commences at 2:00pm. During recce today, there were stages on which ice skates would have been more suitable than a car. Michelin C5's would be in their element and most teams returning from recce could be seen slowly shaking their heads in that "oh man, we have our work cut out for us" way. As we've all heard Nicky Grist say... Slippy Maybe!

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