Behind the Scenes: Pastrana’s New Years Jump

Posted on 21. Jan, 2010 by in Rally News, Videos

Red Bull has posted up a behind-the-scenes video of Travis preparing for his 269-foot rally car jump on New Year's Eve. Follow along as he balls up a car in practice ("I landed a little short!"), and scopes the Long Beach venue for the first time, plus new on-board angles from the record jump. This stuff never gets old... And ESPN's coverage of the record jump...

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    23. Feb, 2010

    Best of the last of 2009. I thought this jump was fantastic. For any type of car guy this was way better than watching the ball drop. They did the smart thing and waited awhile after the traditional ball drop, but we were all ready on ESPN360 in case Travis was going to try and challenge Dick Clark for a few t.v. rating points.

    If you sit down and think about the physics of the jump the car had to with stand a lot of impact and obviously little to no wind is a huge consideration in something like this.

    If you haven’t saw the YouTube where Pastrana back flips the shifter car however, you haven’t seen him at his finest and most nervous.

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