Tall Pines TV Dates & ACP Bumper Cam Video

Posted on 26. Nov, 2009 by in CRC TV, Tall Pines 2009, Videos

With the 2009 CRC season wrapped up, all that's left is to wait for the television coverage on TSN and RDS!  TV2GO is currently working on the two final episodes - Tall Pines Rally and the Season Review show. You can catch Tall Pines premieres at the times below. If you haven't seen the shows in HD lately, be sure to check them out - even the in-car footage is HD format now! RDS (French) - December 13th 19:00 TSN (English) - December 19th at Noon (Check local listings to confirm) To tide you over until then, check out this awesome bumper cam shot of ACP blitzing SS01 Upper Old Hastings at last weekend's Rally of the Tall Pines! Thanks TV2GO!

4 Responses to “Tall Pines TV Dates & ACP Bumper Cam Video”

  1. Christopher Bowes

    27. Nov, 2009

    Damn that’s fast.

  2. Mat

    30. Nov, 2009

    Richard didn’t beat him by 7 seconds. Richard beat him by only 4 seconds. L’Estage beat Richard by 3 seconds, and ACP by 7 seconds! L’Estage was FLYiiiingggg!

  3. John

    01. Dec, 2009

    and on the second pass Richard beat L’Estage by 10 seconds… and ACP again by 4. Richard and L’Estage were “pacing”, not even pushing yet. You only have to win the rally by 1 second…

  4. Guy

    11. Jan, 2010

    Where are the rest of the stages? That I would love to see!

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