Service problems destroy Richard’s lead

Posted on 03. Oct, 2009 by in Pacific Forest Rally 2009


Pat Richard and Alan Ockwell have lost almost all of their nearly minute lead at the 2009 Pacific Forest Rally after taking a penalty leaving service five minutes late.

The crew for the Subaru Rally Team Canada could not remove a wheel nut on the rear of the car and were forced to cut the nut off to remove the wheel. The work saw the team take a 50 second penalty, and dropped their lead from 53 seconds to just three seconds.


For Antoine L'Estage and Nathalie Richard, the plan to retain second place and keep an eye on the championship is now up in the air. The pair could push for a win and further widen the gap in the points standings.


Two more passes of Helmer special stage remain, with a distance of nearly 50kms to be contested. Both Richard and L'Estage will not want to ease off and let the other win, but neither can fall too far back. The mountain tops have been clouded in and competitors are reporting that the stage is muddy, making the largely downhill stage treacherous.


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