Targa NFLD: Leg 2

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Tuesday's action at Targa Newfoundland saw a mix of high speed stages and variable weather, and was not without its share of incidents. Intermittent rain throughout the morning gave drivers the additional challenge of reading the quickly changing road conditions.  From one minute to the next, roads could be completely dry, or filled with puddles of standing water.  The marathon 30km stage into Leading Tickles was the first to claim casualties on Leg 2, and the return trip back out took its toll on a veteran team.

Inbound to Leading Tickles, Mark Hacking and John Leblanc slid off the outside of a turn in the Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart on stage 3, leaving them with damaged suspension.  Their crew was able to extract them and repair the damage quickly at the service, and lady luck would save them from even more penalty points because the outbound stage was halted due to a big crash.


Targa Newfoundland co-founder, Jim Kenzie, and co-driver Brian Bourbonniere in the factory MINI Cooper slid off the road at a high speed corner and cartwheeled into the shrubs and trees. According to witnesses who arrived on the scene after the crash, it looked like a MINI had been shot out of a cannon, with suspension parts and debris all across the road.  Amazingly, both Jim and Brian were seen at the arena in the evening, a little sore and banged up, but virtually unharmed.  Proof that proper safety equipment such as a good roll cage and HANS devices are worth the expense! We assume that the location of this crash will be noted in next year's routebook as "Kenzie's Corner"! *


In the scoring department, last year's overall winners, Roy Hopkins and Adrienne Hughes are leading with only 0:01 second in penalties.  Two more classic cars are hot on their heels though, with previous Targa winner, Bill Arnold, in second place with 0:04 seconds, and Jud Buchanan in third with 0:05.  Andrew Comrie-Picard is proving the EVO X's mettle with fourth overall and a lead in the Modern division over the Paynter brothers in the Subaru STI.



The fire-breathing Audi Quattro piloted by Frank Sprongl is sitting in sixth.  Sprongl came through the final Gander in-town stage at maximum attack, much to the spectator's awe and amazement.  He managed to pass an EVO 9 in the tight subdivision, and crossed the finish with glowing brakes and flames licking out of the exhaust. As you can see in the photo below and his four-foot cut onto someone's lawn, Frank is not letting the age or history of the car get in the way of driving the snot out of it!



Peter Guagenti's Mitsubishi EVO was spotted parked up and done for the day after stage 3 with a suspected spun rod bearing. Scott Giannou and Ray Felice are also out of the event with a blown engine in their Porsche. The blue 1959 Morris Mini, piloted by Dave Pledger and Chris Willett had major engine troubles at the end of Leg 1, and were not seen on stage today.  Instead, they are holed up in a Gander garage replacing their motor with a donated engine from Dyrk Bolger's wreck (see Leg 1 news).


The circus heads East and South again tomorrow, finishing in Clarenville.  Stay tuned!

[* Jim hosts a segment on Motoring TV of the same name]




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  1. Ken Bavis

    17. Sep, 2008

    Excellent update! I’ll be coming here each morning for news of the previous day.
    TN Competitor 2003-2005 #850

  2. DougT

    17. Sep, 2008

    I’m sure it’s just camera angles and lighting… but it sure looks like there is no rear tire on the Sprongl’s quattro!

  3. Warren Currie

    17. Sep, 2008

    Oh man – I can’t wait for the TV coverage – just to see Sprongal’s Audi.
    Warwick you’d better be getting lotos of footage of it!!! 🙂

  4. robert

    17. Sep, 2008

    Roy Make us 2002 owners PROUD!

  5. herringchoker

    17. Sep, 2008

    > it sure looks like there is no rear tire on the Sprongl’s quattro!
    Some drain grates on the Gander stage are 3-in or more below the road surface. Generally any wheel that drops into the hole is unloaded. Looks odd, I agree.

  6. Dean

    18. Sep, 2008

    I can’t wait to see that video footage Warwick… Lots of Frank’s Audi!

  7. M. Downend

    12. Oct, 2008

    Please forward to photographer, Andrew Harvey. Trying to locate former neighbor and car buff from Waterville, Ohio.

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