BMW’s top the charts after Leg 3 of Targa Newfoundland

Posted on 17. Sep, 2008 by in Targa 2008


With only 25-seconds separating the top six competitors after the third leg of Targa Newfoundland, the pressure to hit target times is starting to build. Roy Hopkins and Adrienne Hughes in their 1969 BMW 2002 have maintained their overall lead through the third day of competition, accruing just 0:03 seconds in penalties.  Bill Arnold and Alan Ryall in a modified 1972 BMW Bavaria are close behind at 0:06 seconds.  Andrew Comrie-Picard and Jen Horsey in the brand new Mitsubishi EVO X are hoping to bust the myth that modern cars can't win this event.  They are keeping themselves in the thick of the fight, with only 0:09 seconds in penalties, and two very long days remaining.  In Grand Touring class, Alan Kearley and Greg Martin are maintaining a perfect "zero" score to keep a four second lead over second place.


It was a slightly unusual lunch stop today at the Barbour Historic Site in Newtown, as second time competitors Pete Lazier and Sharon Middler of British Columbia were married by event chaplain and fellow competitor, the “Fastor Pastor”, Edison Wiltshire of Clarenville.

We'll leave you with a selection of images from today's action and will have a full report tomorrow from Marystown...


















6 Responses to “BMW’s top the charts after Leg 3 of Targa Newfoundland”

  1. Warren Currie

    17. Sep, 2008

    What – a day of Targa coverage with no Sprongal coverage or photos?
    What’s up with that?

  2. Warwick

    17. Sep, 2008

    Well, I would happily post Audi photos all day long, but we try to be impartial and “journalistic” in these matters! 🙂 There ARE two shots of the Audi though in the gallery above. I’ll have a bigger mid-week writeup tomorrow…right now I just need some sleep before the 5:30am wakeup call!

  3. Gary Faules

    17. Sep, 2008

    Warwick and Andrew,
    Just a quick note to tell you how much we appreciate the awesome job you are doing. California’s Best Racing knows very well how difficult it is to attempt any involvement with a race like this one whether it be photog, driver or even a spectator and then to try and give a full report let alone edit the photos to accompany it. And then there is finding time to get back to the hotel and then the writing, editing, cropping photos and getting them posted and on and on. God have mercy if the hotel has dial up! And then there is dinner, shower, and oh yeah… there is that thing called sleep. The good news is, tomorrow you get to do it all over again and then someone will say something like, “Why didn’t you get a photo of….?”
    Coincidently I posted something about it today on my blog…

  4. jenniferd

    18. Sep, 2008

    wicked photos; awesome job guys.
    go burnt squirrel!

  5. Dean

    18. Sep, 2008

    keep at it guys! You’re doing a great job, I wish I were there!

  6. Bernhard Tötschinger

    23. Aug, 2012

    As I have seen the photo of the white car, dated in 2008 and the title of a BMW 02 is leading the reported rally I said to myself : The very last years till today nobody has noticed that this car is no BMW but a NSU TT ( 1300 ccm ) or a TTS ( 1000 ccm ), built at the 60 to 70ties of the last century.
    NSU was taken by Volkswagen in the 70ties.
    I started Rallying with a TTS 1969, was going over to several BMW 02 and at end of the 70ties I was driving a Ford Escort RS 2000.
    With my Rallying I was shortly driving also with a DAF 66 !!! with Variomatic and the last time ( 2003 ) a BMW E30 M3.
    Now I’m going sometimes with security cars in front of some events here at Austria, the last years with a Ferrari 360 Modena Rally !!!, a Lancia 037 ( 2011 ) and a Lancia Delta S4 this year.
    I’m still heavy “infected” with Rallying.

    Kindly Regards from Vienna, Austria

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