VIDEO: Easyrider’s Rabbit Hill Snow Adventure

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Most rally fans have seen Ken Block's Snow Park segment, and thought to themselves how they would love a chance to drive flat out around a ski hill.  Warren Currie from Easyrider Racing had the same thought, but also knew he might have the connections to make it happen. Soon enough, with the growl of exhaust echoing across the valley, and the first glimpse of light on the horizon, Warren rolled his car past the day lodge onto the snow, opened the throttle, and launched up the slopes for a morning he'll never forget.  We'll let him tell it in his own words... (Read on for story and photos)


It all started way back in 1983 when my brother Scott and I were growing tired of having to hike up the local Edmonton toboggan hill in order to ride our new winter toys. We decided to ask the local ski area if they would allow our snowboards on their hill.

After a few phone calls to convince them that this "new" sport of snowboarding was going to be more than just a fad, they agreed to allow us to come out and show them that we were able to control these things. After having to hike up under the chair a few times - they agreed to let us ride and became the first ski area in northern Alberta to allow snowboarding. Over the past 25 years as a shop owner and supporter, my relationship with the area has only grown stronger.


Last summer Ken Block sent me a few photos of his now famous adventure at Snow Park in New Zealand. Ever since that day I have been dreaming of a time when I too would be able to combine the two best sports in the world.

At a late season meeting with Rich from Rabbit Hill,  I showed him Ken's video part and asked him,  "Would you allow me to drive my rally car on your hill?"

To my total surprise the answer was not an immediate "no".  After a few more conversations, a time and date were set. I would be allowed several hours on the hill starting at 6:00 AM the day after they closed for the season.


After a few phone calls I managed to round up three photographers, two videographers and a set of "unlimited stud" ice race tires. I was set. We went out to the hill the day before to snowboard around the hill and scope out some possible lines. Even though I had ridden at Rabbit Hill hundreds of times, it was 
totally different trying to think about where I might be able to drive!


We arrived well before sunrise to set up and get ready. Rabbit Hill not only was allowing us to do this, they even turned on the lights and chair lift so we could get better photos and video.

The next three hours was the best time of my life.


A huge Thank You goes out to Rich Parie and Jim Sutherland at Rabbit Hill, and also to Ken Block for opening the door as to what is possible in this world. Thanks also goes to my Family - Angela, Trey, Griffin; my brother Scott and my Dad for getting me into rally in the first place; and to all my friends that made this possible - Robin Chapelsky,  Andy Normey, Gary Hunt, Chris Miles, Jonathan Puckrin, Perry Nelson and Warwick Patterson, Thank you.

- Warren Currie

[Warren Currie and The Easyrider Board Shop is a strong supporter of rally in Canada, providing major prizes and sponsorship for regional events, and has supported since the beginning - thanks!]

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7 Responses to “VIDEO: Easyrider’s Rabbit Hill Snow Adventure”

  1. Scott Currie

    15. Apr, 2008

    Yup…That’s my brother…and he had a smile on his face a mile wide for the next two weeks.
    I guess if you take a step back and look at what Warren was really able to accomplish…was to follow his dreams and in the end stoke the living shit out of his family, friends …and best of all himself.
    I was out at Rabbit Hill that morning and their wasn’t a moment that went by that I wasn’t wanting to go down to the parking lot, start up my Suby and race around with him.
    God it felt like we were 6 years old again and playing with our Hot Wheels in the back yard.
    The moral of the story is live life to the fullest, follow your dreams…and bury your foot to the floor once and awhile.
    Thanks for stoking me out big time Warren…you are the best brother a guy could have!

  2. Antti

    15. Apr, 2008

    Hey, Currie brothers! That seems great. Greetings from the home of the rally – Finland.

  3. jenniferd

    16. Apr, 2008

    Awesome fun and awesome job guys! Rally is lucky to have fans as creative, ambitious and devoted as Warwick and Warren.

  4. The Old Man

    16. Apr, 2008

    Yeah their mother brought up three good kids. Thanks to Flat Over Crest for all they do for Rally (e).

  5. Jax

    16. Apr, 2008

    I dont know if I have ecer seen something so innovative as this. Keep it Warren and Scott! You are a pinnacle!

  6. M Paasuke

    16. Apr, 2008

    WRC: goin’ for gold in the cold! Way to go Warren – glad to know you are still having the most fun out there…

  7. A. Ekinaka

    27. Apr, 2008

    Fantastic video! Its great to see that some resorts in the US aren’t afraid to try something new.
    I’ve always dreamed of driving up and down the runs at my local ski resort, i can only imagine what i was like to finally do for you guys. Congrats!

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