L’Estage Claims 40-second Lead After SS11

Posted on 24. Nov, 2007 by in Tall Pines 2007

The Lower and Middle Old Hastings stages proved to be extremely slippery this afternoon for the National competitors, with hard ice under a thin layer of snow. The first pass of cars polished the snow away, and created skating rinks for braking zones. With many blind crests, off-camber turns, and big jumps, a committed driver could gain a lot of time.


Coming out of these stages into the longest service of the day, there was yet another car missing from the field.  Peter Thomson hooked the soft snow on the inside of a corner and spun into the ditch, literally leaving him out in the cold, waiting for sweep. Antoine L'Estage is proving over and over again that he is a master of car control and self-control, opening up a fourty-second lead over Frank Sprongl after Stage 11. In a distant third is Craig Henderson who is keeping an eye on Martin Gauvin just a minute behind.


Leo Urlichich in his ex-McGeer Subaru Canada car is fifth, looking smooth and happy in the new car. "As long as I drive it hard, it does exactly what I want it to do."

As the National entrants tackled the tight, twisty, and very slippery Lower Hastings stages late this afternoon, Regional competitors got some time off before rejoining the rally tonight for the final four night stages -including the infamous Castledine's Corners spectator area.  These four stages have been known to make or break many a Tall Pines competitor. A boost of confidence after making it through the majority of the day can often lead to a mistake in these difficult stages. After the first two passes, however, radio reports say that all cars have completed safely as they head back to the start of the loop.


Cars are due back into the final time control any minute now...we'll have podium and final results soon.

Words by Warwick Patterson

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  1. cory

    25. Nov, 2007

    I personly like that first picture….maybe its because I am in it hmmmm…..good work on the coverage, looks great!

  2. Andrew Harvey

    01. Dec, 2007

    Cory, you’re also in the Toronto Star today.

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