Targa: Leg 2 Wrap Up

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Leg 2 of the 2007 Targa Newfoundland is in the books, and it was another eventful day for the competitors. Today's stages included the flat out Leading Tickles turnaround stage.  Several motors seemed to suffer under the extended wide open running, with the very trick '59 Mini of Richard Paterson and the Subaru WRX of Peter Rotelle sidelined with motor failure. Very few teams are running penalty free in these tricky conditions, and the results are ever-changing after each leg.  We're off to the historic town of Greenspon tomorrow, along with seven other stages around the Kittiwake Coast.


Jeff Hagan, Co-Driver, Toyota Corolla – “We hit a tree on the Gander stage.  We went wide on a right hand corner and the tree just hit us on the left front.  We managed to hobble our way out of the stage.  Our crew will have a long night, but I’m confident we’ll be back.”


Gord Ross “The Harvan Engineering Volvo is running great today!  Tonight, here in Gander, we took some penalties.  2nd gear is too low, 3rd’s too tall and we’re too soft.  It was all the car could do without kicking it into a curb. We’ve got the driveline and engine from Ralph Grants Volvo 142 Targa car.  We went from about 70hp last year to over 200hp this year!  We’re making base times, which we couldn’t do before!”


Clarke/Gamblin – "We picked up one second yesterday.  Car is working great, it’s pulling fine.  The engine isn’t quite as crisp as last year though.  In Appleton I think we beat the Paynters by 11seconds.  No real drama.”


Ken Pavri - “Today was fantastic!  We finally got to see Leading Tickles.  We had such a great time, what a beautiful stage.  Everything is looking good.  We’re making all of our Targa times and few of our trophy times.  If everyone made all the times, it wouldn’t be any fun, right?  We’re happy."

When asked about how the team got their name - Blind and Deaf Motorsport - I thought it was a classic joke about how the typical rally driver never listens to their co-driver, but Ken told me that, no, he really is deaf and his co-driver is partially blind! Another great Targa story...

Tomorrow's weather is due to turn a little nasty, with wind and rain blowing through.  The later part of the week looks to improve, however, hopefully giving us a dry end to the rally.


















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2 Responses to “Targa: Leg 2 Wrap Up”

  1. Jennifer Martin Kearley

    12. Sep, 2007

    My husband and brother are a team in Grand Touring this year. In Targa NL 2002 and 2003, we were all Stage Commanders for the timing teams. I am in Calgary now, enjoying your photos of beautiful Newfoundland, and checking on how Car 1025 is doing. Thanks!

  2. Daraious Billimoria

    13. Sep, 2007

    Excellent coverage of the race folks!
    Many thanks to the HARVEY – PATTERSON team for taking these stunning images!
    The little GUMBALL looks marvellous.
    Thanks again!

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