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Crw_3241 The 2007 Rallye Defi Ste Agathe started with high hopes all around, and though only 15kms of stages were run, already the event has started to take shape. As expected, Andrew Comrie-Picard and Antoine L'Estage both lept off the start to try to best each other and gain valuable championship points.

st"I think to win here, you will need to be faster than usual on the short stages," commented Andrew Comrie-Picard. This year, the event is down in mileage, so the ability to catch up on the stages run on Saturday is not as big as in years past. Despite this need, competitors would need to be careful, "there are a lot of Little tricky bits in the new stage tonight," commented Antoine.Crw_3275_2

As expected, the pair quickly took up the one two positions, with Antoine taking the lead. In third place was Peter Thomson, at his first national rally in 15 months. Quickly a battle began to take shape for third place. After three stages, six teams were all within ten seconds of Peter Thomson. Thomson, the 2005 Canadian Rally Champion would have his work cut out to keep his third place position. Crw_3191

The damage started early, with Bruno Carre landing in a ditch after a jump on the first stage. The car sustained significant damage, but Carre was able to get it back to service, where the crew descended on the car. A visit by their service area afterwards showed many pieces that had not fared so well in the impact. A steering rack, two A arms, and a pile of lateral links sat atop the pile of replaced parts. The side of the car had also been gouged along it's length, as if some massive animal had clawed the drivers side. Carre was able to continue and did finish the night, though his crew were up very late to get the car into better condition.

Others throughout the order also had problems. The Evo of Andrew Comrie-Picard started early on to show symptoms of some unknown trouble. As I left the service area for the night, the crew was debating whether the turbo or engine would need replacing. The car was not producing the power ACP was used to, and was also running hot. John Vanos had a leaky intercooler early on and was down on boost, but the problem was quickly resolved. "I've got enough power now," said Vanos, laughing "well, I should never say enough."Crw_3179

Randy Zimmer, back in a freshly painted car had also had some problems. "The lights were askew, so I tried to un-askew them, but not very well. It was fine if you could tell braking zones by treetops, but I can't." A little more time and care in the service area, and the light problems were resolved.

Ian Crerar once commented his Porsche was a "hairball" to drive, and so when asked what feline waste his new car most resembled, the answer was quick. "A hairball on fire!" laughed the Ontario based driver. "This is the problem with being the funny man, everyone expects you to have good one liners!"Crw_3227

As the final stages were driven, and teams returned to service before heading to hotels, the top of the order remained largely the same. took the opportunity to catch up with the man in the green Evo, Rejean Losier.

"The first stages at Baie were hard, but now I feel good with the car again. I am putting on a good show. There are so many young drivers though, so there is not much I can do, but I can help them!" smiled the affable Quebec driver.

Tomorrow's action starts bright and early in the morning, and with many new stages tomorrow, the teams will be on their toes!Crw_3269

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